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June 10, 2010
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Cheerful Neko Girl by sakurasamichan Cheerful Neko Girl by sakurasamichan

I'm making the video of me coloring this right nowww! So when I have the video up I'll post the link here.

Well, for all the time put in it, I have to say it's not my best work. I still like how it turned out though. White-Out is goooood. XD It makes my drawing sparkly!

Fail titles fail.

Fail white backgrounds fail. D: My stupid scanner chopped off my cute borders. And my signature. :( So please, please do not steal.

Personal Good Points:
Weeell... I like the bright color of her hair. :D It catches my attention. I also like the design of her clothing. I also like the borders. XD I also have to say that the shinyness didn't turn our as bad as I thought it would! ^^

Personal Bad Points:
PHAIL BACKGROUNDDD. It's too... white and plain. I don't like how I cut off her feet at the bottom. It... it was almost my first full body picture! :c The wrinkles in the clothing are fail. Hands are too small.

Time: 2-3 Hours

Tools Used: Plain Paper, Mechanical Pencil, Sharpie Pen, Prismacolor colored pencils, White-Out

At least it's colored now. XD Hahaha! This was made for my friend. I hope he likes it! (He's obsessed with cat girls)

My traditional art will change quite often... I'm trying to find a good style for me to color!

Art :iconsakurasamichan:

Sketch: [link]
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this is better th anything I can do at the moment. I can never fet wrinkles just right, and i don't use anything besides a pencil, so mine are only shades.
though I only got into drawing last year, so that would say alot.
-wishes he could get pics on Deviantart- oh, well, it'l happen one day
sakurasamichan Sep 19, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww... thank you so much for the kind comment!

Don't worry, I'm sure you will!~
sakurasamichan Jun 14, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww thank you!! :hug: :heart:
You're welcome. X3 :glomp: :blowkiss:
sakurasamichan Jun 15, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great color choices, first of all! 8D They really grab your attention to the girl and flow nicely C: And I, personally, like the background because I think it makes the girl stand out above everything else. The shading/lighting is nice and I really like the details and her outfit design C: Anatomy wise, her arms and hands look really nice~ The only thing that I want to point out is her weight. She's actually too skinny. One trick that I developed on my own (which I hope helps, because it helped me a TON) is that you're body shouldn't be thinner than the width of your head (unless you're purposely drawing someone who's very very skinny or something). But if you look in a mirror I think you'll see what I mean. Your back and chest bone.... cage... area (whatever XD) is wider than you're head, hence the reason why shoulders are two heads wide Cx If that makes any sense OTL''
sakurasamichan Jun 11, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Daww thanks! :D

O.o Wow, thanks for the awesome tip! Yeah, she does look a bit too skinny. D: Okay, I will try not doing that anymoreeee! :3
You're welcome C:

I hope that helps ;o; because I wasn't sure if I worded that funky OTL''
sakurasamichan Jun 11, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaha yeah, no worries. It helps a ton. It make perfect sense to me! :D
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